socwallplay 620x330 - Separation Anxiety opens March 8th 7-10pm |  #Wallplay @wallplayspace #art #exhibit #socialmedia

Separation Anxiety opens March 8th 7-10pm | #Wallplay @wallplayspace #art #exhibit #socialmedia

Wallplay and IFAC Arts present: 


Opening Reception March 8th, 7-10pm | On View Physically March 8th – 22nd

11am-7pm, 7 days a week   | Wallplay, 118 Orchard Street NY NY 10002

Curated by Lee Wells & Laura O’Reilly

Wallplay and IFAC are proud to announce Separation Anxiety, an ongoing campaign of collaborative exhibitions that discuss art and the fine line which bridges technology and society in the super-modern age. Affirming itself as a juggernaut, Separation Anxiety is the exhibition that never ends.

Separation anxiety first occurs in us as babies, as we come to understand our own selfhood and the permanence of objects. This exhibition stands to question notions of the object, media, and the self by juxtaposing digital and traditional artworks to create a dialogue on neo-contemporary culture and the individual’s place within it. The artists include a cross section of general troublemakers and steadfast flag carriers of the old Avant-garde that post-poserism just couldn’t kill off.

w2 540x458 - Separation Anxiety opens March 8th 7-10pm |  #Wallplay @wallplayspace #art #exhibit #socialmedia

Artists include: AES+F, Noah Becker, Sean Capone, Ahmet Civelek, Huey Crowley, Gregory de la Haba, dNASAb, Walker Fee, Carla Gannis, Kathy Grayson, Gregory Greene, Stewart Home, GH Hovagimyan, Sandro Kopp, Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos, Patrick Lichty, Den Marino, Laia Miret, Marjan Moghaddam, Jonathan Monaghan, MTAA, L’OR, Pete Puskas, Raphaele Shirley, Miroslaw Rogala, Jonathan Rosen, Vargas-Suarez Universal, Lydia Venieri, Lee Wells, Justin Wood, Agni Zotis, and more.

We live in the age of overstimulation and are more codependent on technology than we are on people. The little screens that surround us everywhere serve as handheld portals into a self-made matrix of connectivity, or lack thereof. Anti-social media. We invite you to come clinging to your phones, text throughout our opening, instagram your experience and see the results on our screens.

All images hashtagged #separationanxiety during the exhibit will appear on the #wallplay live feed updating in real time on Wallplay’s street level screens on Orchard & Delancey on view to the public 24/7. The hashtag installation component of the exhibition is a part of Wallplay’s Art Massively Done public art program and will be active throughout the course of the exhibition and continue online indefinitely

The International Fine Arts Consortium, originally founded in 1996, is an independent semi-nomadic curatorial platform and agency co-directed by Lee Wells and Gregory de la Haba. IFAC functions in the real and virtual worlds through a broad based international network of artists, curators, and advisors that seek to expand the dialogue in the arts and the avant garde. @ifacarts

Wallplay is a global art exhibition platform built to activate and document art campaigns and collaborations that don’t fit into a box. Founded in 2013 by curator Laura O’Reilly, Wallplay breaks down walls between creative industries by providing physical and virtual space for exhibitions to launch, evolve and travel. Wallplay documents the process and covers those with a similar aim on its art news channel, massively done. #wallplay @wallplayspace


On View Physically March 8th – 22nd

11am-7pm, 7 days a week   | Wallplay, 118 Orchard Street NY NY 10002

Curated by Lee Wells & Laura O’Reilly

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