Rosa Acosta Kicks Off 9Five Eyewear’s Summer Campaign

Rosa Acosta is the new face of 9Five Eyewear, as the hip-hop model can be seen rocking the company’s latest shades and glasses as part of their Summer 2012 campaign.

Founded by skateboarder Mike Metcalf, 9Five is a lifestyle brand loosely named after the year 1995, a golden age in both hip-hop and skateboarding. Stevie Williams, Josh Kalis, and Metcalf himself all have their own collections for the brand, and it’s likely even more people will be rocking 9Five after seeing Acosta’s ads.

“Taking inspiration from a classic era, along with the counter culture that supported it, 9Five Eyewear draws vibe and style from the skateboarding obsessed crate digging niche that thrived during this golden era,” said Metcalf in a press release.

For more on 9Five, check out their official website.

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