unnamed 42 - Recap: Munitio Pro30 Reset Event @munitio #munitio

Recap: Munitio Pro30 Reset Event @munitio #munitio

On Wednesday, January 14  – MUNITIO™ (www.munitio.com), the precision-audio brand that fuses sleek designs with studio-grade sound, announced today their newest product, the MUNITIO PRO30, a wireless high-performance on-ear headphone.  Additionally the company announced the reacquisition of MUNITIO by founder, Daniel Massaro.

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Since their initial product launch in 2010, MUNITIO has focused on creating high performance headphones with a meticulous standard of quality.  The MUNITIO PRO30 continues this tradition by representing the next generation of sophisticated sound and creating immersive, sweeping soundscapes with audio integrity at every frequency.

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The reacquisition of MUNITO by Massaro enters the company into a phase of reinvigoration and also opens the door for supporters to be a part of the brand experience through a Kickstarter campaign, launching on February 2, aimed at raising funds to manufacture the PRO30 headphones.


“A sense of community has always been a key focus of MUNITIO,” said Massaro.  “We are not only a headphone brand, we are a company that thrives on the lifestyles of our users and aims to be an intrical part of their lives through sound and mobility.  We will launch the Kickstarter campaign so that our loyal supporters and music lovers alike can be a part of the company’s future.


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