moxie - RADAR: Moxie @yomoxie by @JonathanValdez

RADAR: Moxie @yomoxie by @JonathanValdez

“One night a few years ago, I was jamming with some friends at a house party. All of sudden a rat ran across the edge of the pool and everyone screamed and ran into the house. I kept singing ‘cuz I didn’t want to lose my idea. One of my best friends and favorite musicians Eric Wortham yelled from the house “Damn! You got moxie.” And the name stuck.

That is the story of how singer Moxie Raia earned her stage name as told by the singer herself. It also reflects the unique and utterly cool and carefree attitude the singer seems to exude. It is the kind of carefree that so may artists need to be. Moxie gets inspired from the environment around her that forms by letting life take her where she needs to be.

“About two years ago I was a part of a collective of artists, writers and musicians called The Brain started by Freddy Wexler,” Moxie states. “He wanted us to do some sort of social experiment;

to move us all out to L.A. and live in a house together. For two years I lived in a house with six guys and most of my album was created at that house.”

The debut single from Moxie’s album Reckless Passionate Youth is called ‘Buffalo Bill’ and it is one of the catchiest and sexiest songs that I have heard in a long time. The song draws you in and makes you want to be a part of Moxie’s world and with good reason. “Buffalo Bill was about a creative high. We (The Brain Collective) used to have art parties. We had friends that were musicians like Jill Scott and The Roots that would come over and jam. It was an amazing experience.”

Not only does Moxie sing but she also directs. Raia directed the official lyric video for ‘Buffalo Bill’ and showcased her talent behind the camera. “I wanted to make it a piece of art,” says Moxie. “I did not want to be in the video.” That statement is something that might seem shocking coming from a newly signed 24-year-old Capitol Records recording artist surrounded by a world of self promotion and selfies. It proves that Moxie is in it for the art of it all and not just the fame.

Moxie’s current album has an interesting story on how it got its name. “I was writing down words that I was feeling at the moment,” says Moxie. “We were planning a photo shoot and was like ‘What do I want it to feel like?’ I was feeling very reckless but it was all coming from a place of passion and youth so I knew I could get away with it. I am a pretty stubborn person and if I don’t feel something completely then I can’t sing it.”

Moxie’s newest single off of her album will be ‘I Love It When You Cry.’

Photo by Stephen Garnett

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