Mali music 450x330 - RADAR: Mali Music by @JonathanValdez @MaliMusic

RADAR: Mali Music by @JonathanValdez @MaliMusic

As a young boy going to church in Savannah, Georgia, Mali Music understood that music could move people in ways that plain words simply could not. The then 11-year-old would get behind the keyboard at his local church and play in front of the packed room singing songs that he wrote and created. Mali felt that he had a responsibility to uplift the patrons of his church who came to cry, pray and repent. He wanted to inspire their lives and make them feel better about themselves through the power of song and now he is taking that mindset out into the world. Based on the reaction of his fans, inspiration and uplifting is much needed in today’s world.

“I got used to a lot of people getting with my music at a very early age,” Mali says. “My dad got me Pro Tools for Christmas one year and I started putting stuff on Myspace.” This simple act of sharing his music online earned him a small fan base that quickly turned into tens of thousands of people anticipating his weekly uploads on “Mali Music Thursdays.” “My mom and I decided to do an album release concert and by the time February 23, 2009 came around there were over 2,000 people ready for this event. It blew my mind and that is how we knew this was going to be very special.” Fast forward to 2013 when Mali signed with Mark Pitts’ ByStorm Entertainment label at RCA Records, home to Grammy Award winner Miguel, after years of hard work and amazing opportunities like performing at the BET Music Awards on their “Music Matters” stage.

Mali’s full-length major label debut, “Mali Is…” showcases his amazing vocals as well as his life’s mission to inspire and uplift his audience. The collection’s first single “Beautiful” is a tribute to everybody who has helped him become who he is. It has a message that inspires and would make that 11-year-old boy in that Savannah, Georgia church beam with pride.

“I am in the business of inspiring people and letting them know their personal value,” Mali says about his purpose as an artist. Mali also wants to bring the power back to the consumer when it comes to buying albums. “The time is coming where we are all going to need something positive and something a little more than partying our brains out like there is no tomorrow because we all seem to always wake up,” the singer states. “I am grateful for the people who still believe in hope and the people who still believe in love. I am excited about music and art as a whole coming back to true expression that is just pure to the human experience. “

Mali wants to use his opportunities to give back to people and let them know that they are the ones that have the power to make a difference.

With talent and heart, Mali is destined to take over and inspire the entire world.

Photo by Leann Mueller

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