Katy Tiz 450x330 - RADAR: Katy Tiz @KatyTiz by @JonathanValdez

RADAR: Katy Tiz @KatyTiz by @JonathanValdez

Katy Tiz’s story is the ultimate tale of following your dreams and never giving up. It was only a year ago that the gorgeous and talented Tiz was dropped from Lava/Republic records only to be discovered and backed up by Clear Channel’s new artist initiative “On the Verge.” After being invited to play a showcase at the offices of Atlantic Records, Tiz inked a deal with the label on April 17, 2014. Her latest single “The Big Bang” is rapidly climbing up the Top 40 Charts and onto millions of people’s “Summer 2014” playlists.

“Shut up! That is so cool,” Tiz enthusiastically shouts after learning that I had been listening to Pandora and “The Big Bang” randomly came on. The bubbly singer seems to be enjoying the big and little things that come along with being a newly signed artist. “I love it! I get so excited.” Her single “The Big Bang” was a result of songwriting and production team Rock Mafia, the people responsible for hits by Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez, who Katy teamed up with via the suggestion of her management team at DAS Communications and former Senior VP at Sony Music Bruce Tyler.

The juxtaposition of Katy Tiz’s girl next door looks paired with her fervor for leather jackets and gold jewelry helps to draw you towards her. You instantly want to know more about this gorgeous girl with an edge and a golden voice.

Tiz’s sound is both eclectic and exciting and you can tell that she has a powerhouse voice just waiting to be released on future tracks. “Wait till you hear the album, I have some serious heart wrenchers on there. There are a couple of ballads on there that I cry to every time I bloody hear them,” Tiz states.

The budding artist wants to let people know that her album will be a real piece of her and that she is spending a lot of time on it. “I really want this to be a great start to my artist career. I want fans to fall in love with the songs and relate to it,” says Tiz.

Another way Katy relates to her fans is by staying on top of her social media. “I am posting on Instagram as much as possible. I love social. I really like hearing when people like a song. I make time to connect back because they made the time to connect with me,” says Katy. “ Instagram is like my favorite thing to do ever. Not only does it have filters to make everyone look beautiful but it also gives people an insight into what I am doing immediately at that time.”

With passion, ambition and unbridled talent, Katy Tiz is a force to be reckoned with in the pop music world. She may be from across the pond but she is a testament to the American dream. One door closing on you never means it is over.

Photo by Jimmy Fontaine

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