Screen Shot 2019 05 10 at 11.59.23 AM 620x330 - RADAR: IAMCHELSEAIAM @iamchelseaiam @MrABeverywhere #NiceGuysLie

RADAR: IAMCHELSEAIAM @iamchelseaiam @MrABeverywhere #NiceGuysLie

With a New York State of Mind and a Midwestern Spirit, Singer/Songwriter iamchelseaiam uses her guitar to deliver melodic riffs, taking audiences on a rhythmic journey. Inspired human connection, every-day conversations & relationships are what drives iamchelseaiam to create music.

YRB:  Who is iamchelseaiam?

IAMCHELSEAIAM: iamchelseaiam is a songwriter, a singer. An artist with a voice to express the human experience through song. At the core, a kid from Cincinnati who grew up on R&B and cornbread.

YRB:  Why do you think music is the universal language?

IAMCHELSEAIAM: There’s a certain feeling that music evokes that doesn’t need words. I’ve seen this at Jam Sessions where musicians don’t speak each other’s language but they understand each other musically.
YRB: Tell us about the lyrics in the songs Nice Guys Lie, is it towards one person or based on different relationships?

IAMCHELSEAIAM: Nice Guys Lie is about dating. In certain instances, people will say and do anything to get what they want out of the situation without any regard for the other person. 

YRB:  How long have you been playing guitar?

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IAMCHELSEAIAM:I’ve been playing for about 4-5 years now. I’ve played other instruments but I like the guitar the best. It’s something about the vibrations of the notes against me as I sing. I can literally feel music running through me. 
YRB:  How are you preparing for your upcoming tour?

IAMCHELSEAIAM: I’m currently on tour but I’ve been really conscious about getting lots of rest in between stops, taking care of my health and catering my set lists depending on the audience I’ll be playing for. In addition, I put a lot of thought into my merch this time, trying to make it as personalized as possible. 

YRB: What inspires your music?

IAMCHELSEAIAM: Speaking to my friends, riding the train in New York and personal experiences. 

YRB:  Is being a musician something you always wanted to do?

IAMCHELSEAIAM: Music has always been a part of my life but when I was very young my mom got me a book about blood. I wanted to be a hematologist (the study of blood) so I could cure diabetes.  

YRB:  What is your favorite song that you like to perform for an audience?

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IAMCHELSEAIAM: I really like performing “Giving Up”, the song itself helps me to open up emotionally on stage. “Purpose” because I’m able to share more about my relationship with God. Also the songs “Seashell” and “Nice Guys Lie” because I invite the artists to sing along. 


YRB: What’s next?

IAMCHELSEAIAM: More collaborations, working on concepts for the “Nice Guys Lie” music video and working on my next EP “A Beautiful Struggle” the 2nd EP in my 3 part “Beautiful” series. 

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Nice Guys Lie –

Hurt People II –

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