Screen Shot 2019 07 26 at 12.47.32 PM 620x330 - RADAR: Fab The Duo @fabtheduo #AmericanIcon @SonicProjects

RADAR: Fab The Duo @fabtheduo #AmericanIcon @SonicProjects

The power pop band Fab The Duo is composed of Brendan Eprile and Greg Driscoll.

It reads, “Boyfriends who sing together” on their social media profiles but it’s much more than that.

Recently, YRB had the opportunity to see them perform live with a full band at The Cutting Room in New York City for the release of their single American Icon, produced and mixed by Grammy Award Winning Producer/Engineer JC Losada “Mr Sonic”.

We liked what we heard and this is why they are on our RADAR!

YRB:  Who is Fab the Duo?

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Fab The Duo: We are a interracial gay couple turned power pop duo. We perform around New York and the country as “the boyfriends who sing together”, with a fierce sound that fuses pop, rock, and broadway elements.

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YRB: Why do you think music is the universal language?

Fab The Duo: Music is a universal language because it is someone’s emotions and point of view turned into sound. It allows an artist to express thoughts and feelings in a way that words alone can’t describe.

YRB: Tell us about the lyrics in the song American Icon? It’s very timely for World Pride and Independence Day. Does it mean something more?

Fab The Duo: American Icon is an anthem for people to embrace who they really are. We wanted to celebrate authenticity and it seemed fitting to have it come out right before World Pride. Our differences are what make us truly iconic.

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YRB: How long have you been performing?

Fab The Duo: We’ve been performing together for a little over a year (June 17th to be exact).

YRB: How did you meet?

Fab The Duo: Like true millennials, we met on Tinder almost two years ago. Our first date lasted over twelve hours. A few months later, we made our relationship official.

YRB: What inspires your music?

Fab The Duo: There’s not one single thing that inspires our music but social issues and love top our list. We’re inspired by all the beautiful queer people making art and finally being recognized for it!


YRB: Are being musicians something you always wanted to do?

Fab The Duo: Brendan has been a singer-songwriter from a young age and Greg started out doing musical theater before converting to pop music.

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YRB: What is your favorite song that you like to perform for an audience?

Fab The Duo: One of our songs that we love performing is called “Our Love Is Resistance”.

It is a politically driven gospel-blues ballad. The reaction from the audience is beautiful and reaffirms that we’re doing something important.

YRB: What’s next?

Fab The Duo: We’re recording our next single, performing at Austin Pride, and going to Costa Rica for a well-needed vacation!

Photos by: Arin Sang-urai

Click here to visit the Fab The Duo website.

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