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Dear Concerned Citizens, Are you smarter than AmericanJustice? AJ has been keeping it real instead of Keeping Up with the Kardashians! Join AmiJ for a shot of political satire and REMIX the controversial song You Aint Even Know It on 5/4 at the New Museum's Ideas City Festival

AJ will be featured in the Willing Participant project starting at 3pm Willing Participant is an urgent poetic response to the crazy stuff happening.

ALL ARE INVITED to participate as performers in our living sculpture.

5/4 3pm-4:30 Please meet at the SE corner of Chrystie Street & Stanton Street in Manhattan.

Bring a backpack or two


AmericanJustice is a cheerleader for the status-quo, self-made cazzillionaire, Forever21, running for office and running for her life.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to TEST AmericanJutsice's commitment to "We The People".

$earching for American Justice: The Pursuit of Happiness is a hot new political satire highlighted in Alternet’s 6 Activist Projects to Watch and featured in the Village Voice the NYT and Crunk and Disorderly.

$earching for AJ stars a vapid AmericanJusticewhose blind allegiance to the status-quo, highlights our search for justice.

AmericanJustice (AJ) aka “AmiJ” is a “d-list” celebrity in the mold of Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton. LegallyBlonde, LegallyBlind, Forever21 and FashionablyLate, AJ is totally OUT of touch with reality. AJ is a socialite yearning to be in BadGirlsClub and preoccupied with making red-carpet, public cameo appearances for unabashedly-ubiquitous social media self-promotion


May 25th AmericanJustice will occupy a gallery in Brooklyn. More info coming soon…. stay tuned

June 2nd AmericanJustice will be placed in a box for SpreadArt's" Don't Box Me In" – Bushwick Open Studios! Again more info coming soon! Stay tuned


About Kanene Holder: Kanene Holder:




E3- Educator Using Entertainment to Enlighten. Holder is a multiple award-winning satirist and activist engaging audiences through dialog, media and memes. Holder blogs for the Huffington Post (, received a fellowship from the Colin Powell Center for Policy Study and proudly betrayed her Brooklyn roots to live in and love Harlem. Holder collaborates with a number of visionaries including Michael Wiggins (UncleSam), Carmen Dixon (GeorgiaPeach), Natalia Nakazawa (GlamSquad), Ellen Bodkins (GlamSquad), Jabari Holder (pararazzi) and Herman Jean-Noel (paparazzi) to restore justice with humor and zaniness for all!

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