Public School at 3 Howard St @PublicSchoolNYC @moetusa #NYFWM

On July 11,2018 YRB attended The Public School exhibit that offers an experience that lasts longer than a ten minute runway show.

The entire floor of the installation is filled with gravel and is inspired by the quote:

A piece of ground that belonged to them on which they can plant their feet, permanency (Land of the Burnt Thigh by Edith Eudoro Kohl).”

To know your future is to know the past. History shows us where we’ve been and subsequently where we’re headed. We believe that, to continue to create, we must learn to recreate by taking old and making new.

Our world can no longer sustain a course of irresponsible creation and manufacturing. We introduce the PSNY SCRIPT as a platform to address the future of our industry and the future of our world. We reference and build upon our archive to establish a record of permanence. Without this unwavering foundation of values and beliefs, we cease to exist.

The expression of this message takes shape in the sourcing of high quality materials, fabrics, and trims that have been dead stocked or recycled into new yarn; and the reimagining of silhouettes that all reference the codes of Public School’s history.

Up-cycle focused collaborations with Levi’s, Alpha Industries, Eileen Fisher and Nike all apply the philosophy of pulling from existing fabrics, patterns and techniques to extend the lifecycle of each of these products.

Photos by: BFA  & RNA Photo (Rashawn Austin)

For additional information please visit Public School


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