nORMAN - PROFILE: Norman Reedus

PROFILE: Norman Reedus

YRB:  Speaking of cast members, what’s it like being on set with all of those zombies?


Norman: Yeah, it’s weird to see a zombie walking by eating a doughnut with a coffee in his other hand.  I feel bad for them sometimes, they’re so excited and so into it, but they’re buried under all that latex and lying on hot pavement in the Georgia sun.  You know, when you’re doing a fight scene, you’re scared that one of the actors is going to clunk over from heat and exhaustion.  It’s a lot of work keeping our zombies healthy and sane.  It’s especially troubling when there are children zombies around, you’re just kind of like, “Hey, what’s up?”  Some zombies will come up during break, smoking a cigarette and ask for a photograph, and I’m just like, “Whoa you look nuts right now.”


YRB:  Does the main core of lead actors fear when their day may come and they, too, will become zombies?


Norman: It’s a running joke on set because there’s a zombie school.  They make people into zombies and handpick zombies and teach them how to walk like a zombie.  There’s a whole school on it.  So if you get the email [saying], check out, then you’re fucked.  Yeah, of course, we’re all worried – any of us can die at any time.  We all just want to do a good job in representing our character, and we know when it’s our time, it’s our time.


YRB:  Well, hopefully Daryl’s toughness will help you avoid that dreaded email…

Norman: I hope so too.  The Daryl character wasn’t in the original comic books, but I heard a rumor the writer was going to add him in.  So that’s good news.  Plus, I just saw my action figure that’s coming out with my removable squirrels that go around my waste.  Yeah, I have a Boondock Saints action figure, but it doesn’t really do anything.  You can just pop the head off and put “sunglasses head” on.  The action figure for The Walking Dead is awesome.  It looks exactly like me – plus it has the squirrels.



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  1. Looking forward to Season 2 of The Walking Dead, premiere was amazing. Norman says this action figure is coming out soon but I saw a fan made a 12″ doll of his Daryl Dixon character with the squirrels and crossbow even before Season one premiered. It was really cool, lots of detail in it. I wonder if Norman saw that as well.

  2. Fantastic article!

  3. Move over, Ernest Hemingway, you and your house of smelly cats are toast. This writer has what it takes.

  4. He does not need any stamp of approval from any expert in the industry. He is hot as it is and may be one of the best actors when it comes to edgy roles.