nORMAN - PROFILE: Norman Reedus

PROFILE: Norman Reedus


YRB:  It took 10 years to release the Boondock Saints sequel. Why the large gap?


Norman:  Yeah, well there was a lawsuit [stating] the producers of [the first] <Boondock Saints> basically stole all the money from all of the development.  So one producer had to sue another producer in order to get settlement.  It took a long time for every issue to get resolved.  They had basically stolen all of the money.  We really hadn’t planned on having a 10-year gap.  We were just sitting around waiting for the clock to strike 12, and at about 12:05 they signed the papers for Boondock Saints II.  Part two was really light on the brothers.  Troy really made the sequel for the fans. He really wanted to put everything in the ring for the fans, so the movie itself became a bit less about Sean and me.  But it followed Troy’s vision.


YRB:  Has there been any talks about continuing the Boondock Saints franchise?


Norman:  Yeah, I think we’ll definitely do a third installment.  I think everybody’s open to it, as are the fans.  Last I heard, Troy was writing a part three.


YRB:  There has been some controversy surrounding Troy Duffy due to a documentary called Overnight, what was it like working under his direction?


Norman:  He’s great and he knows exactly what he wants.  He’s exciting to work for.  In part one, he would slam his hand on the table and shout, ‘You deliver these people,’ and then yell action. It would have us all pretty pumped up.  He’s a nice guy and absolutely nothing at all like that documentary.  Overnight was deliberately edited to make him look like an asshole.  If you ever come across it, don’t watch it.  It was supposed to be a positive project, but then there were some disagreements and they totally cut the film to make Troy look like the worst possible douchebag ever.  And it’s all lies, all of it.


YRB:  You’re most recent success is your role on AMC’s hit series, The Walking Dead.  How did you come on to this project?


Norman: Well, I went to L.A. for pilot season – it’s where every show is pitched and casted off real quick – and it’s this big clusterfuck of actors and scripts.  I was familiar with The Walking Dead, and knew that this was the only [part] to get.  There are so many cop shows and doctor shows and lawyer shows, this was a truly original opportunity and I wanted to be a part of it.  I had read for a different part and my current character, Daryl Dixon, wasn’t even an idea at that point.  So the character was written a little bit for me, and it ended up as a fan favorite.  I’ve just kept running with it. He’s a very colorful character and I’ve had a lot of freedom with him.  I always wanted him to be more than just a guy that gives nasty looks to zombies.  It’s a blast.


YRB:  The second season begins this fall, what storylines can we expect for the upcoming season?


Norman:  I think Daryl’s starting to fit more into the group.   He’s liking them and showing more respect to the people that he’s with.  If you have to spend a lot of time with people in a survival situation, you start to learn more about them.  This season is so intense and has such great story points for all of the characters.  I think it’s just going to blow shit out of the water.

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  1. Looking forward to Season 2 of The Walking Dead, premiere was amazing. Norman says this action figure is coming out soon but I saw a fan made a 12″ doll of his Daryl Dixon character with the squirrels and crossbow even before Season one premiered. It was really cool, lots of detail in it. I wonder if Norman saw that as well.

  2. Fantastic article!

  3. Move over, Ernest Hemingway, you and your house of smelly cats are toast. This writer has what it takes.

  4. He does not need any stamp of approval from any expert in the industry. He is hot as it is and may be one of the best actors when it comes to edgy roles.