psart 565x330 - Profile: Niclas Castello The Personification of an Artist @niclascastello

Profile: Niclas Castello The Personification of an Artist @niclascastello

Niclas Castello lives his life through art! From a very early age, the German inventor has been intrigued by the life and world around him. Influenced by street and pop art, as well as neo-expressionism, Castello has grown to become one of the world’s most sought after craftsmen. We caught up with the visionary to discuss his passion, drive, and his endless pursuit to just be free.

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 Of all the exhibits you’ve done, has there been one that’s meant the most to you?

Niclas Castello : Yes, the exhibition in Hamburg at Galerie Schimming. Although I’ve been internationally successful for years, particularly in the US, it was a very special moment for me because my work was recognized and appreciated in my home country.

What gallery or space would you love to have you pieces shown?

NC: Within the coming years my objective is to find a healthy mix of small, credible, dedicated, and owner run galleries with economic big ships like Gagosian. I would like to stay closely connected with my fans and collectors instead of becoming a pure stock market type of investment.

You were once dissatisfied with the way art was taught in schools in Germany, have you seen improvement over the years, and if so in what way?


NC: No! I see the same problem in the art academies that prevailed during my teaching hours. Professors try to breed small copies of themselves and press their students to their style and ask them to see art as they do. I miss the creative freedom that art actually accounts. It may be due to the fact that teachers are strong, creative individuals, but I would love to see them more in the role of a gardener; planting seeds to nourish and feed them, and allow them to develop their individual talents.


What inspires you?

NC: Everyone and everything. Every creative person who goes their own way.

What piece of your works mean the most to you?

NC: All of my paintings. Paintings are the greatest thing for me. I’m most able to express myself through them.
I can transport the most and complex statements with them. When I stand in front of a canvas, my mind has no limits.


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What did coming to NYC teach you not only about art, but yourself as well, and how did it contribute to the evolution of your craft?

NC: New York was the most important time in my life
for my personal development. I owe my mentor Arleen Schloss so much, and I am eternally grateful for the time I spent with her! In New York, I was able to free my art from all constraints and limitations. I had the awareness that everything in my life is based on coincidences. I can not say why, but I was always at the right time at the right place.

How would you say art impacts life?

NC: Every day, every hour, each minute, every second of my life revolves around art.

What’s next for you?

NC: I want to be the most famous artists in the world. I love working constantly, I’m always on the go and I will always create crazier and bigger projects. Currently, I am very excited and eager! My biggest project, an edition of three, $20million sculptures is nearing its completion. I have used a method for these sculptures that hasn’t been applied in over 1500 years! These unique artworks will be what the most exclusive art loving collector can get in the world. Not only the price is breathtaking, but the material, finishing, shape, and quality will be the best that man can create. These creations will connect the art world from antiquity with the PopArt of the 21st century.

What has been the best advice given to you?

NC: You must work out everything for yourself. You have to find your own way. Luck offers you a chance so take it and use it!

What advice would you give an aspiring artist?

NC: Always implement what you are thinking, and whatever you’re having fun at, never believe someone who tells you that it does not work!

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