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The DJ plays the most important role in our lifestyle and social scenes, specifically setting the tone as to what is hot and what is not. DJs’ are here to inspire and move the crowd, literally. Since early times we’ve always looked to Djs for not only sound but also for style.

Who is JENNiFLY?

An event planning entrepreneur who produces fashion shows & events for established brands, A vinyl collector- DJ, and a English-Brooklyn girl who is easy on the eye and standing at 5’9 gives you the aura of a runway model. She’s here not to only just look cute and play the top 40, but opening our minds & ears to the British sound. You can look forward to hearing futuristic bass, garage, Dancehall reggae & grime. She’s here to take you on a fashion & musical journey.

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YRB: When did you first fall in love with the art of DJ’ing? 

Jennifly: I fell in love with the art of DJing when I saw Jazzy Jeff spin 15 years ago. I became a DJ 6 years ago. 


YRB: Why do you think music is the universal language? 

Jennifly: Because you feel it. It needs no interpretation it has no boundaries. It moves us in different ways.

YRB: What DJs do you feel have really carved a path for themselves?

 Jennifly:  All the rich and popular ones , to the underground and local club DJ’s.  Once you know who you are you will carve your own path.



YRB: How do you approach each venue you play?

Jennifly: It depends on the type of crowd and party. You vibe of the people. 

YRB: Is there a song you feel always get the crowd moving?  

 Jennifly:  Not one popular song in particular. I could be playing to a dancehall crowd or playing house and electronic music. So it depends on the music.

YRB: What musical artists should we be on the lookout for?

 Jennifly: I’ve been getting into Gold link a lot. Chris Mcclenney, Masego, and Abra


YRB: Is being a DJ  something  you have always wanted to do?

 Jennifly:  No it was something new , but I have always had good taste and  a wide and varied range of in music. I becamea  DJ because I didn’t hear what I wanted to when I went out, so I started DJing my own parties. 


YRB: What has been the best venue you’ve played thus far? 

Jennifly:  A beautiful country barn in Pennsylvania for an event.  They installed a serious sound system, and a dance floor!

YRB: You have had some great residencies in such a short time, is there an ideal residency you’d like?

Jennifly: That’s tough , as they all served a great purpose at the time. But an ideal residency is when I can play whatever I like.

YRB: What’s the biggest misconception of a DJ and their lifestyle? 

Jennifly:  That they are always out.

YRB: What’s next for you?
Jennifly:  Doing more curated , niche events.

For more information visit jennifly.com

Story & Style direction by Patrick Spag-Lo   – @Spag_Lo
photography by Joshua Scott – @joshuascottphoto
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