President Trump’s Approval Ratings Just Hit HIGHEST in over 2 YEARS!, Predicted by Stefan Aarnio’s MASCULINITY METER @StefanAarnio

Trump acts like a Strong Man and people like it”

 –Stefan Aarnio

President Trump has just hit his highest approval rating since his second month in office, according to the Rasmussen Reports’ Daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday, April 9, 2019, and just as predicted by Stefan Aarnio’s ‘Masculinity Meter.”

This last time Trump was at 53% or higher was in Feb. 2017 during his honeymoon period when only 90% of the news media trashed him, rather than virtually 100%.

And despite unpreceded levels of media venom being injected into the news cycle, The President is only 6 points shy of his all-time approval high of 59% on January 29, 2017.

Noteworthy is that President Trump’s current 2-year high tie is considerably better than President Obama’s first-year midterm approval. All numbers are per Rasmussen Reports, America’s  largest polling organization.

Digging deeper into the lasting appeal of President Trump to over half the U.S. voting population, is author and male rights advocate, Stefan Aarnio, who explains it’s not the success or the ridicule, it’s the strength that draws people swing into the Trump approval column.


 1. Stefan how is it possible that President Trump is enjoying the approval of greater than half the population of the United States when virtually every news media story about him is negative.

Answer: Because when it comes right down to it, most people are attracted to strong men, strong leaders, such as embodied in President Donald Trump. Contrary to popular media opinion, real men don’t flee to ‘crying zones’ on college campuses for solutions to their problems. Real men work hard, face their problems and they win! And real women like real men– especially men who win for them. Can you hear it? Women like winners! From time immemorial women have been attracted to Knights in Shining Armor, John Wayne type, and other macho heroes. I call it a “Masculinity Meter” and The Donald trumps the other candidate’s aces and that’s why he’s on his way to reelection.  Oh, what’s that sound you hear? It’s the collective cringe of unfeminine feminists who know what I’m saying is true.


2. But you have to admit that President Trump rubs a lot of people the wrong way. How do you reconcile that? 

Answer: Maybe some people want to be rubbed the wrong way– or need to be rubbed the wrong way. Haven’t you ever seen a snooty-snotty-attractive-women in a  TV series or in a movie who, after being put in her place by the male protagonist, melts before our eyes, as if she’d been waiting her whole life to find a man to stand up to her and put her out of her misery.


3. Let’s now contrast the powerful political figure with the richest man in the world on the Aarnio Masculinity Meter. You have dubbed the phrase “Jeff Bezos’ $35 billion zipper.” Does this mean that the Amazon founder and titan of industry is also a strong man? 

Answer: Not in the least. A wimp is more like it. He and his wife Mackenzie built Amazon together, some argue she was even more responsible for its success, and once they hit it big, he kicks her to the curb like a traitor and a breaker of vows. Oh, but Jeff justifies it, saying his new heartthrob is a fun dancer!  That earns him a big down arrow on the Masculinity Meter. He’s going down.


4. In your book, “Hard Times Create Strong Men” you describe what being a strong man looks like. Is it all muscle and machismo or is there more to it?

Answer: There’s far more to being a man. For starters a strong man is a moral man. If you make a promise you keep it. That goes for marriage vows. And it goes for political vows. Regardless of if you like Trump’s political positions or not, there is one thing no one can deny. He’s working harder at keeping his campaign promises than perhaps any President in the history of The United States of America. I have one question for the collective news media so bent on trashing Trump: Just what’s so wrong about keeping campaign promises made to the electorate who voted for him?

5. Let’s talk about masculinity vs. femininity, President Trump clearly is masculine. No one calls him effeminate. What is the appeal of masculinity in historical political power?

Answer: Masculinity has always been about power throughout history while femininity has been about morality. When power and morality come together, that is the whole package. A man in his base state is primal like a wild beast, but when you add morality you get a real well-rounded man and something more than a wild beast. We can debate all day if President Trump is more a wild beast or a well-rounded man, but of one thing we are certain: He’s a man. 


6. Where may our viewers get more information on your book, “Hard Times Creates Strong Men”? and any of your social media sites where we can learn more about what it takes to be a strong man, contributing positively to our society, family, and culture.

Answer: They may visit or to see many valuable resources as well as getting a copy of “Hard Times Creates Strong Men.”


7. I noticed you didn’t say they can get your book on

Answer: Well, it was there the last I looked, but after this interview, it wouldn’t shock me if Jeff Bezos had his staff take it down. Oh, how manly that would be!😉



Stefan Aarnio is an award-winning real estate investor, award-winning serial entrepreneur, motivational coach, educator and author of multiple books including his latest, “Hard Times Create Strong Men.

Having built his fortune through purchasing real estate at 40-60 cents on the dollar, Stefan became an avid student of negotiation at a young age testing and learning the principles in this book first hand in the real world.

On a day-to-day basis, Stefan is the CEO of two multi-million-dollar companies and travels the world educating business people and entrepreneurs to bring forward the next generation of success.

For more information, click here to visit Stefan

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