NYC artist Taylor Marzden Cohen’s: Spirit of Emptiness @andreacook #StrollwithMe

On the summer evening of July 11th at Manhattan’s Upper East Side in the Ditra Gallery, guests gathered to meet the emerging NYC artist Taylor Marzden Cohen for his first solo show titled Spirit of Emptiness. 

The Spirit of Emptiness showcases ten pieces that reflect a vision of dreamy destinations transformed into landscapes. Taylor used basic colors of acrylic on canvas to create an emotion that is both serene and mystically powerful.

Dance Africa IG-9153

(Artist: Taylor Marzden Cohen at opening reception.)

Ditra Gallery owner, Georgi Dimov describes Taylor’s art style as post-catastrophic and comments, “His execution is immediate and focused, using basic colors to highlight a simplicity. Each brush stroke is large symbolizing that he is not interested in immediate details but sees a land, far in the future.” Taylor used a two-inch brush for sweeping strokes that captures a carefree spirit.


(Gallery Owner, Georgi Dimov describes exhibit’s unique features to guest.)

Sculptor Khachik Bozoghlian, friend of gallery owner and artist comments on the exhibit, “Taylor’s pieces together have an amazing energy.”


(Sculptor Khachik Bozoghlian.)

Julia Willkie, a local art supporter residing on the Upper East Side says, “Individually, the paintings are simple, but displayed together here on exhibit, there’s so much movement and grand momentum.” Taylor’s passion for the outdoors and studies in geology combined with his curiosity of world history, travel and the arts is the inspiration behind this exhibit. Taylor’s Spirit of Emptiness exhibit will run for two weeks and will be available to view until July 25th at Ditra Gallery located in Manhattan on the Upper East Side at 226 E. 83rd Street. 


(Local art patron, Julia Willkie.)

Article and images by Andrea Cook.

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