No Time For Dinner? Think Again With These Creative Cooking Tips

Dinner time doesn’t have to take hours to prepare for. You don’t have to spend 2 hours getting things ready and then 2 hours cooking it all! You can take short cuts, use store prepared ingredients, and throw things together in around 10 minutes or less.


And when you work a busy job or two and have a family to take care of, that might be all the time you have to eat in the evenings. So let’s use it properly – here are some creative cooking tips that’ll keep you well fed and healthy, even when you’re too busy to be so.

Keep Things to One Pot


If everything goes into one pot, you can simply just serve up the pot and allow everyone to take a spoonful. No need for extra dishes, and thus no big washing up job later on – just one pot, one chopping board, and you’re done. Not to mention just how much more flavorsome your meal will taste when it’s cooking in all of those juices. So keep it simple with one pot and you won’t be stirring at the stove for very long.


Stir Fry and Sauté More Often


Stir frying and/or sautéing your ingredients will give them heaps of flavor, give them a nice char, and also help to release their full nutrient profile without much effort on your part. Take 5 minutes to put all your veggies and cut meat strips into a pan, toss them around with a little oil and some spices, and then your dinner is ready!


Of course, you can always use pre cooked ingredients if you like that softer texture, but otherwise you won’t need much time to put a totally healthy plate together.


Put it in a Bowl or in Some Bread


If you can mix and/or mash it all into a bowl, or simply scoop it up into some bread, a soft taco shell, or a tortilla, it’ll be an easy dinner. And it doesn’t matter how good it looks when it’s thrown into a wrapping like this! The kids will be more likely to dig in, you can prepare some sauces for dipping, and quick side dishes like chopped vegetables will only take a further couple minutes too.


Desserts Can Be Made in 5 Minutes


Yes, you can even fit desserts into dinner time! You can whip up something in 5 minutes straight out of the fridge and then tuck in for a yummy sensation. For example, this homemade pistachio pudding will only require you to chop up some pistachios and combine them with cream and some fruit pieces – easy! You can also dig into yogurts, pudding cups, and even biscuit bakes without the need for forward planning.


If you regularly miss out on dinner due to time restraints, use tips like these to cook within those limits. You deserve to have a nice meal at the end of the day, and cooking doesn’t have to take long.

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