Nitro Circus in Vegas

Most people say “What happened in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, but some awesome happenings need to be shared. While you were busy in bed nursing your hangover Sunday, in Vegas, at the Nitro Circus at the MGM Grand action sports stars were putting on an unforgettable show.

Travis Pastrana, who is a 17-time X Games medalist proposed to his girlfriend before the show, and if that wasn’t wild enough, followed it up with the first ever two rider, synchronized FMX double back flip with Cam Sinclair. Only last year Cam Sinclair made a comeback doing the double back flip successfully, after the trick almost cost him his life. A triple back flip was attempted on BMX, but not quite completed.
The Nitro Circus crew is filming a 3D feature film, so even non-Vegas goers can enjoy the awesome stunts and crazy times.

For more info visit: www.nitrocircuslive.com

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