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We hope all of you Nintendo fans are ready for the upcoming holiday season because there are a lot of new and revamped games being released. We had the pleasure of previewing games for the Nintendo Wii and the recently released Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo has a fun line-up, which will introduce new characters as well as familiar ones.

The famous The Legend of Zelda franchise will be releasing a new game for the Nintendo Wii, titled The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. This new game redefines the traditional Zelda framework by introducing full body interaction to Link’s actions. There are lots of weapons, enemies and fun puzzle solving, which makes the game pretty epic.

The game Rhythym Heaven is another upcoming release for all you music lovers. The game is based upon musical rhythm and tests your ability to maintain the musical patterns with much of the music being produced by Japanese pop music producer TSUNKU.

Other Nintendo Wii 2011 Holiday releases include Kirby Wii and Fortune Street, which are set to satisfy Nintendo fans of all ages.

For those of you who enjoy graphics, the Nintendo 3DS is a must-have. The 3D graphics are achievable without the need of 3D shades and can be adjusted to your liking for depth of field. The new release of classic titles such as Super Mario and MarioKart on this 3D screen is awesome. Mario and the family are back with new levels and new challenges all in 3D, on the go!

Nintendo is also very excited to release Kid Icarus: Uprising after 25 years on Nintendo 3DS. The heroic Pit battles Medusa in this fast-paced action and adventure game. Since its original release in 1987 on the NES, it won over its audience and the creators are almost sure it will win over the current gamers now.

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