nftnfs 620x330 - NFT ART NFS by Ryan McGinness

NFT ART NFS by Ryan McGinness

The following is an excerpt from a document of 30 thoughts on NFT art that were composed in the Spring of 2021.
These thoughts are scattered, casual, misguided, naïve, and at times reckless.

At the very least, I hope they will inspire discussions and debates.

– Ryan Mcginness


The promise and hope of cyberspace was that we would leave behind the trappings of the old world, including property rights. The sins of greed, pride, and envy will always poison all realms of humanity. Let us embrace our sins.

The Wall

NFT artworks are not the shadows on Plato’s cave wall. They are the wall.

Le Petite Mort

NFT artworks are pure orgasm, without the extraneousness of love, passion, stimulation, or even simulation.

nft1 540x699 - NFT ART NFS by Ryan McGinness

Spirit in the Sky

This is spiritual commerce. It is the endgame of consumerism. This is buying as a concept, distilled down to a feeling without any real exchange. The symbolic gesture of purchasing and selling an NFT is the creation of value and mainlines self-actualization.

Meaning in Gesture

The meaning of an NFT artwork is meaningless because it is the gesture of purchasing and selling that is the real art.

Cover Art

The artwork is attached to the concept of the NFT. It is an album cover.

Indigenous Art

The best NFT artworks are purely digital, and not mere reproductions of previously expressed mediums. And, an NFT artwork increases its integrity by refusing to be associated with an object IRL. Furthermore, the ultimate NFT artwork would have no retinal image at all.

If Digital, Then Free.

Only in Heaven. We live on Earth.


Markets are spectator sports. Finance is entertainment. The best entertainment exists in the service of the audience. The best art does not.


“Rare Digital Art” = “Giclée Print”

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