New TANK EVIL Headphone From AERIAL7

The masterminds behind the Tank Mondrian are back it again! AERIAL7 and Josh Madden teamed up once again to produce the TANK EVIL, which according to Madden the inspiration came from “the true Dare Devils in life who take care of business but don’t forget to keep things interesting.” Now their second patterned design featuring red and blue stars and lightning bolts, highlighted with chrome accents is sure to make the consumer feel like their ready to take over the world with these superhero-esque headphones while listening to their favorite tunes. Madden continues to boast about his new product with AERIAL7 stating, “its part TCB ‘Takin’ Care of Business’ (Lightning Bolt) and part ‘Patriotic Dare Devil’ (Always Live on the Evil Edge).” The new TANK EVIL is definitely the headphone to walk around town with when you feel like a complete badass.

Known for always creating stellar designs and “superior acoustic technology”, AERIAL7 really broke all barriers with such a fashion statement set of headphones. Among the unique design, the 57mm driver and over-the-ear fit has been made one of the most worn headphones by some of the world’s greatest DJs. DJs can’t help but feel unstoppable behind the turntables while spinning their club-bangers when bestowing the TANK EVIL amongst their ears.

Fans alike have the exclusive chance to win a pair of the TANK EVIL by checking out  AERIAL7’s blog at



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