Need Your Military Vehicle Shipped? Learn About Your Transport Options

Military Vehicle Transport (MVT) is a specialized service tailored to meeting the needs of personnel. Usually, the government covers car shipping for one privately-owned vehicle per military family during permanent change of station (PCS). However, these specialized companies may provide discounts or reimbursements for transportation costs along with other variables you may not have considered.


Customized military car transport services provide active duty personnel with a level of flexibility that allows them to meet their individual needs and schedules more easily. From preferences for open or enclosed transportation, scheduling requirements or any other factors – accommodating special requests could mean the difference between a stress-free move and one that becomes more complicated than necessary.


As such, door-to-door military car shipping services can be especially important for service members navigating tight deadlines while relocating across the country or internationally. They allow them to oversee the entire process from home, which can make things much more convenient compared to taking time off work to drive to an auto transport yard. Using such a service means their vehicle will be ready when they arrive at their new base, helping them settle in quicker.

Vehicle transport services also involve complying with international regulations for import/export of vehicles, which you can read about here. Customs duties, fees and specific documentation requirements all must be satisfied before entry to new countries; an experienced military car shipping company knows all this information well to ensure proper completion of this step of vehicle shipping processes in accordance with local laws.


Finally, customized vehicle transport services offer various bundled options that can result in substantial cost savings when ordered together. Some companies offer discounts when multiple services such as vehicle and household goods shipping are ordered together; service members can take advantage of these opportunities to reduce shipping rates while getting the best rate possible for their international move.

Professional Handling

Vehicle shipping (PCS vehicle shipping) is an invaluable service that assists military members moving between bases. Relocating is part of life for many military members, and so is car shipping for military members; therefore, this type of auto transport is essential. A quality service provider will offer expert handling to ensure your car arrives at its destination safely and timely.


Reputable shipping services for personnel understand the unique timelines and demands associated with military moves, and will strive to meet them. They will provide an estimated timeframe for pickup and delivery and strive to be punctual; additionally they may offer terminal-to-terminal or door-to-door service depending on your budget and needs.


When selecting a service provider, be sure to inquire about their years in business, industry ratings and customer service record as well as whether they are licensed and insured. Read reviews and ratings about them online so you can assess whether or not they would meet the needs of your family.


Multiple Vehicles

Military families typically own more than one vehicle, which they must transport during a PCS to their new duty station. From private owned vehicles (POV) to military-issued cars, each car needs to be shipped as efficiently as possible.


Shipping your POV can be costly. Luckily, some services work with the Department of Defense to cover transport costs for active-duty military members and retired service members who receive PCS orders on short notice – these benefiting personnel who receive PCS orders suddenly.


Many services provide door-to-door pick-up and delivery, which can save time for personnel preparing to relocate. This option reduces mileage wear, cutting down repair costs when they drop the car at its final destination. These nationwide services make moving easier when military members relocate frequently across different parts of the world or nation – especially important when family members have busy lives while relocated!

Early Planning

Once you’ve found a company that meets your needs, it’s time to book vehicle transport. There are two services you can select depending on your preferences and budget: door-to-door is more costly but provides greater convenience while terminal-to-terminal shipping requires dropping off and collecting from designated terminals. Also in addition to these services, you should also consider Tutor Map as well.


According to this article –, before shipping a vehicle, several documents will need to be ready in your possession. These should include your driver’s license, registration information for your car, proof of insurance coverage and any personal belongings left inside it. Also important when transporting is having spare keys and full battery power available – and so creating a spare set would not hurt!


After your vehicle has been transported, you will receive an email with tracking details and contact information for your transport company. If any issues arise during shipment, reach out directly to them for assistance or file a claim against their extensive insurance policies if it turns out your car was damaged during transport – although it’s unlikely this would occur but being prepared can reduce stress levels during this hectic period and ensure you have peace of mind during this journey.


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