Mister Miracle TPB by Tom King and Mitch Gerads @TomKingTK @MitchGerads @DCComics #MisterMiracle

Eisner Award-winners Tom King and Mitch Gerads present a bold new vision of one of Jack Kirby’s greatest creations with DC’s MISTER MIRACLE.

Mister Miracle is a look into PTSD, depression and fatherhood, where there’s a generation of people living in a post-war world that doesn’t make sense.

How do you escape? Can you?

Something has gone horribly wrong with the perfect life that Scott Free and his wife Big Barda have made for themselves on Earth.

With war raging between their homeworlds of Apokolips and New Genesis, Scott’s cruel adoptive father, Darkseid, seems to have finally found the Anti-Life Equation–the weapon that will give him total victory.

As the mountains of bodies on both sides grow ever higher, only Mister Miracle can stop the slaughter and restore peace.

But the terrible power of the Anti-Life Equation may already be at work in his own mind, warping his reality and shattering the fragile happiness he’s found with the woman he loves.

Is death the trap that’s been waiting for him all along? Or is it life itself? And what price will Scott Free have to pay to learn the answer?


MISTER MIRACLE is written by Tom King, illustrated by Mitch Gerads and lettered by Clayton Cowles, presents a powerful, intimate and utterly unique modern comic book that will challenge everything you know about super-heroism!

Collected as the entire 12 issue series, it is now available in bookstores everywhere!


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