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Kiss Kibble Goodbye: Why Homemade Food Could Be Better for Your Dog

In recent years, there has been a trend in cooking to use more natural ingredients. We have begun to think about the potential health drawbacks of eating foods that are heavily processed. Many discussions of the importance of natural and organic foods have occurred, and the result has been a move away from processed foods.

This line of thought raises an interesting question, however. If overly processed foods are unhealthy for humans, are processed foods healthy for our pets? This question has caused many pet parents to begin to prepare food at home for their pets. From quality control to affordability, here are three reasons that homemade food might be better for your dog.

Quality Control

When it comes to pet foods, the government has a tendency to regulate the ingredients less than they do for human food. Although there are some regulations, these are dependent on the state that the food is produced in, meaning that the companies themselves have the final say about what goes into their products. Pet owners have the choice to trust that the ingredients are what they say or not. Recently, there have been problems with pet foods that have led to illnesses. By making homemade pet food, you can be sure that the food your dog is eating a healthy and appropriate diet.

Natural Ingredients

Closely related to the idea of quality control is the idea of using more natural ingredients. There are many chemicals added to dog foods that may be less than ideal to feed your dog. The use of artificial preserves is even more worrisome since we are not sure what impact they might have on our pets. Using natural ingredients also helps you know that your dog’s food does have nutritional value. As with human foods, dog foods that are heavily processed can lose some nutritional value.

The use of all-natural ingredients can also be seen in health care products for dogs. Dogs that are old or in pain for a variety of other reasons have found relief in products like Canna-Pet, a supplement made from industrial hemp.

More Affordable

Interestingly enough, homemade dog food can be cheaper in the long run. Not only can you buy ingredients in bulk and freeze them for later, you can prepare large quantities and freeze parts of it for later use. You can also coordinate with other pet owners to split the cost of ingredients. This will allow you to purchase and prepare even more at once, while not requiring you to store an entire freezer’s worth of homemade dog food.

There are many advantages to feeding your dog homemade food. Many pet owners today find that the best way to maintain quality, increase the use of natural ingredients, and save money is to make their own dog food. Before changing your dog’s diet, be sure to research the different nutrients that your dog needs to be healthy, and consult your vet before adding any supplements to your pet’s diet.

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