Jigga Fires Back

Beyonce (2nd from l.) and Jay Z (r.) celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary in Havana, sparking comments from Conservatives.

The list of things Jay Z addresses, over serious fresh beat:

  • Communism (This communist talk is so confusing / Since it's from China the very mic that you're using) 
  • Dumb Politcians
  • Having money
  • Distorted history
  • Freedom of speech (his but still)

From Huffington Post

"Open Letter" and Beyonce's "Bow Down" (in which the singer calls her peers "bitches" and demands they "bow down" before her) represent hip-hop's royal couple flexing their musical muscles after keeping things politically correct during the 2012 election cycle. As big supporters and friends of the First Family, they held fundraisers and appeared in ads for the Obama campaign. It seems that now the election's over, the couple fancies a return to hip-hop's more aggressive style of stunting.

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