Jennifer Hudson as Winnie Mandela

The trailer for the upcoming film Winnie starring Academy Award Winner Jennifer Hudson as Winnie Mandela has been released, and from the looks of it, Hudson may earn her second Oscar. The film also stars Terrence Howard, and opens October 5th. Take a look.


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One Comment

  1. Really nice to have an unbias blog about the Movie “Winnie”.So much negative have been attached to this movie even before it was made. I will admit some mistakes were made by the Producer and Director, but the negative attacks on Hudson and Howard is unfair based on ethnicity and dialect. Many of the negative blogs are coming from South Africans which is sad. America gives so many South Africans and others opportunities in our country without question. Jennifer Hudson and Terrence Howard performance is Oscar worthy and this is my opinion on the subject matter in reviewing the new trailer. Jennifer go get that Oscar…