How To Have The Best Movie Night!

The cinema used to be the best place to go to watch new releases. But home becomes a superior option if you don’t like to hear other people talking, sticky floors, loud booming music – and the possibility of a bad seat.

With so many streaming and on-demand services, many with their own specials and releases and that have cinema releases, it can cost much less too.

But movie nights at home don’t need to be basic! With the amazing TVs with ambient lighting and speaker setups that span whole rooms – you can create an amazing setup. Not to mention that there are complete home automation possibilities, so you can have your movie night ready wherever you are!

What else can help your movie nights become a firm favorite way to spend an evening? 



For those who take their movie nights seriously, you are going to want to make your food for the movie. Some movies are pizza and coke; others are fries and milkshakes. If you like having movie nights and regular entertaining, mini pizza ovens or popcorn makers can add even more enjoyment.


If you go down the popcorn route often, get reusable popcorn tubs; some really cool options are designed like retro movie theatres.


Mini Fridge

Perhaps you are working on a dedicated movie room, so make space for a little fridge! Mini fridges are perfect for storing cold snacks and drinks – and negate the need to get up and head to the kitchen halfway through the movie.


Not only that but if you made your way through only half of the cold snacks and know they need to be packed up and put away – the perfect solution can be tucked somewhere close by!


Movie First

There is nothing worse than everyone gathering around, hot food has arrived, and it takes another thirty minutes to find a film! Instead, do a quick poll for everyone who will be watching and offer 3 or 4 titles of different genres, or all agree to watch the newest release. You could have a themed evening and go for an old classic!


Be sure to check the age rating, and for anything that might be inappropriate for some children or those with a sensitive nature, check out Movie Reviews, Kids Movies | Common Sense Media for new releases and if they are suitable.



Getting really comfortable during movie night is a must. So before people arrive, or gather in front of the TV, get some blankets and pillows ready. Encourage people to bring or wear their favorite loungewear and some cozy socks.


Take a minute to set up some fairy lights and other soft lighting that can add to the comfortable and cozy environment – or if you are watching a horror or a thriller. Make sure it is extra dark!


A movie night at home can be one of the best ways for you to spend time with people and all experience something together. A little bit of planning can go a long way! If you are into themed movie nights, or love a cult classic, here are some to consider: 5 Best Gambling Movies – YRB Magazine.  


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