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How to Encourage Customers to Purchase From Your Store

In recent years, a large percentage of shopping is now done online. This trend was already on the rise before Covid-19 struck a couple of years ago, but it exploded in popularity and many people still prefer the convenience of shopping from home.

This means that it’s beneficial for most businesses to have an online presence and, ideally, an eCommerce website to allow people to shop where they’re most comfortable. But does this mean that there’s no place for a traditional brick-and-mortar store?

In-Person Shopping

While online shopping is incredibly popular, there is still an important place in the market for physical stores. Many people still prefer shopping in person, as it offers some advantages to online shopping.

For starters, in-person shopping allows people to see their purchase in the flesh and to get a better idea of how it looks and works. In some cases, they can pick it up and, when it comes to clothes, try it on in-store to make sure that it fits and suits them.

Something can look great online, but not right when it’s on. Also, physical stores are brilliant for impulse purchasing. Someone is more likely to walk past something and fall in love if they’re there in person and can see it physically in front of them.

Not only that, but shopping is an experience that some people enjoy. It can even be a social activity, and this isn’t likely to change even with the option to buy online. However, it’s up to the retailer to create an experience that people are more likely to enjoy.

A Welcoming Store

The first step to getting people to buy from your store is to encourage them to go inside in the first place. This means providing them with a safe and welcoming environment from the get-go, ideally so that people can see your store from the street.

The exterior of your store is the first thing that people see, and it should reflect your brand and the inside of your store as much as possible. The design of your store should be created with your target audience in mind, so you will need to know exactly what kind of people you want to attract.

If your product appeals to young people, then your store should reflect this. This is especially true if you’re focusing your brand on a specific subculture or niche.

Creating a Vibe

A vibe refers to the atmosphere or ambiance of your store. This plays a part in welcoming people into your store, but the atmosphere should continue all the way through. Nowadays, people shop in person for the experience, so you should provide that.

The decorations and design of your store should reflect your product as much as possible. A store that sells shoes is going to be designed very differently to a grocery store, and for good reason.

As well as how your store looks, you should also look into appropriate music for retail stores. If someone is having a good time in your store, then they’re more likely to stick around. The more time that someone spends in your store, the more likely they are to buy your product.

Store Layout

As well as being attractive, the store layout can directly affect sales. People should be able to easily find the things that they want, but this should be balanced with a design that encourages browsing. The more that people see, the more that they are likely to buy.

This doesn’t mean that you should create a confusing maze, but you should put certain items where customers can’t help but see them. This can also encourage impulse buying, especially near the checkout.

Employee Training

As well as creating an environment that people will enjoy, you should ensure that your employees are trained to be helpful and facilitate sales. Different stores require different levels of salesmanship.

Some customers like to browse and are put off if they feel bothered by a pushy salesperson. However, other people like the extra attention, and a salesperson can guide them to an ideal purchase. Typically, if someone is going to spend a lot of money on a product, then they are more likely to prefer the help of a salesperson.

Your employees should always be polite, professional, and helpful. The best way to encourage excellent customer service is to make sure that your employees are happy and trained. If your employees are happy, then they are more likely to stay loyal to your company and more willing to go the extra mile for your customers.

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