How To Be A Successful Candidate For A Museum Job

Working in a museum is pretty rewarding and an awesome job for those who have a passion for what’s on show. You might want to work setting up exhibitions or planning the floorplans and technical setups. Either way, you might be seeking some knowledge on how to get involved in the museum industry.

No matter if your dream is to work in the Museum of Modern Art or a National Gallery in a specific location, here are all of the top tips you need to be a more successful candidate for a job role in a museum.

Seek expert knowledge from those in the museum world

There are some great people who you attain knowledge from in order to know more about the museum world, how to get a job, and how the landscape is changing.

For example, Heidi Schave is the person you will want to research and take tips from if you are looking to achieve a dream career in a museum. You can take Heidi’s expert knowledge and use it to your advantage to help you master a career in your dream museum.

Get the right qualifications

To get a job in a museum, you might require a master’s degree. It will all depend on what job role you want to choose as some might not require any specific qualifications.

However, if you are trying to attain a job in a specific role that requires special skills and knowledge, then it will help if you attain the right qualifications before you apply. You might easily get removed from the application list if you don’t have the right specifications.


The museum industry is one that highly appreciates volunteers. Therefore, it will do you a lot of favors if you can take your time to volunteer at the museum you want to work at before you apply for a job there.


Being a volunteer will give the team an insight into your ethics, skills, and knowledge, which will help them decide whether or not you will be a good candidate. To improve your chances of being a good candidate for the role make sure to:


  • Be willing to learn. The more willing you are to learn, the more you will stand out and look motivated. You will be able to attain a lot of knowledge if you put yourself out there and ask questions.
  • Offer extra help. Going to extra mile for people working at the museum will also help you to stand out. It will look good if you can put in an extra hour or offer a helping hand to someone needing assistance.


Build a network in the industry

In any industry, it helps to build a network. The more people you know, the more opportunities you will have at your fingertips.


Ensure to attend museum industry events and speak to as many people as possible to stand out and be known by as many people as possible.

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