How “Halo 4” Will Enhance the Multiplayer Experience

Ever since it’s inception on the original Xbox, the Halo series has become famous for it’s addicting multiplayer. Shooting your friends with a variety of weapons and gadgets has created (and ruined) friendships for the last decade, and the upcoming Halo 4 is looking to add some cool twists to the classic formula.

According to the official Halo blog, Infinity Slayer mode (a twist on the classic deathmatch formula) will reward players not only for killing, but killing in style. Assassinating an opponent from behind or tossing them out of a vehicle have always been joys of Halo multiplayer, and 343 studios is looking to encourage this behavior by giving gamers more points for doing so.

There will also be “Infinity Ordinances,” which are random item drops throughout the round. Getting beaten to bits by your nextdoor neighbor? Don’t give up hope, you just might be randomly rewarded a rocket launcher, and the sweet vengeance that follows.

Halo 4 is looking like a massive overhaul of a classic formula, while retaining all the explosive fun the series is known for. Will you be picking it up this November?

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