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How Fashion Has Changed Over The Years?

Fashion is never constant. It keeps changing with time. With every passing year, we get to see something new.


If you are a fashion enthusiast, then you are in the right place. In this post, we will discuss how fashion has changed over the years.


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  • Fashion in the 1950s


The 1950s was the decade of economic growth. This was the time when fashion evolved for both men and women. New designs and trends started to get popular. Fitted blouses, round collars, shoulder pads, and high-waisted pants were a thing in this era. Even printed patterns got much popularity during this decade.


  • Fashion in the 1960s


This was a time when people wanted their freedom. The Hippy Movement took place during this decade. This made tye-dye headbands, pants, shirts, and even shoes quite popular. In the 60s, jeans were considered to be inappropriate, while skirts and flowy dresses made the fashion statement. Even turtle necks were first worn during this time.


  • Fashion in the 1970s


This was the age of bell-bottoms, flower prints, and fur coats. This decade witnessed full of changes, mostly progressive ones. By now women were given more freedom and liberty. Fashion during this decade was mostly inspired by music and films. Miniskirts, checkered printed pants, and flower printed clothes became extremely popular. During the wintertime, people would wear fur coats.


  • Fashion in the 1980s


The 80s saw the rise of technology. At the beginning of this decade, people continued to wear the clothing styles of the late 70s. However, by the end of the decade, heavy metal fashion was on the scene. Jean jackets, shoulder pads, jumpsuits, and leather pants were a thing during this time. We also got to see the rise of hammer pants.


  • Fashion in the 1990s


The 90s brought a big change in the fashion world. By now hip-hop had spread around the world. It heavily influenced the fashion choices of people. Grunge was the fashion statement that included boots, ripped blue jeans, and an untucked flannel. During this time, men also experimented with the length of their shorts.


  • Fashion in the 2000s


The 20s paved the way for fashion that we see today. There were major changes in the fashion choices of people. The decade started with a Y2K fashion. Bell-bottoms and baggy cargo pants were in trend. This decade also saw the rise of tracksuits and skinny jeans.


  • Fashion in the 2010s


This decade is all about representing different subcultures. We have all sorts of fashion today. From contemporary to hip-hop, we have a lot of trends going on together.


As we grow as a society, fashion keeps evolving. There are so many newer trends to see in the future. Hold on to your best attires because you never know what’s in trend next.





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