How Cristiano Ronaldo Broke the Fashion Mold

Sports personalities launching their own fashion labels is nothing new. However, it’s rare that any of these brands actually take off and become mainstream products.

Michael Jordan kind of managed it with his range of Nike Air trainers, but other than that there are very few who have actually become fashionable.

One soccer player who does seem to be bucking the trend is Cristiano Ronaldo. Of course, for soccer fans, Ronaldo is a name that’s never far from the headlines. In recent weeks the Portuguese pro has been in the news for criticizing his teammates at Real Madrid.


With Real Madrid at 66/1 for the title in the betting news and any La Liga betting when this article was produced, Ronaldo lashed out in the media by criticizing the likes of Lucas Vazquez and Mateo Kovacic and saying he wishes everyone was “at his level”.

Naturally this was nothing more than a competitive outburst from a passionate player. However, it’s certainly one of the reasons why people around the world seem to love Ronaldo. In fact, it’s affection that makes him headline news whenever he does something and it’s these headlines that, in turn, help him push his off-the-pitch ventures such as his CR7 fashion brand.

Ronaldo a Big Name On and Off the Pitch



Cristiano Ronaldo” (CC BY 2.0) by  Ludovic_P 

Unlike other sportsmen and women that have launched their own fashion labels, Ronaldo has a huge following and that means his name and, therefore, his CR7 brand is always in the public spotlight.

Indeed, it’s no surprise that when his latest range of underwear, which is developed in collaboration with Denmark’s JBS Textile Group and Richard Chai, came out it was an instant Instagram hit.

After posting images of himself being lashed with paint on his Instagram page (where he has 51 million followers), the mainstream media started to take notice and, unsurprisingly, covered the launch of his new product.

​Eventually, with everyone buzzing about the Instagram images, Ronaldo was able to get his latest promo covered by virtually every mainstream media outlet in Europe, including the likes of the Daily Mirror in the UK.

Quality is Crucial but Exposure is Better



G8 / G20 Toronto 2010 Cristiano Ronaldo” (CC BY 2.0) by  chris.huggins 

Of course, it’s almost impossible to compare a brand such as CR7 to the latest street trends by the likes of Control Sector. However, there’s no doubt that his shirts, underwear and shoes are popular with the younger generation.

The shirts are typically European with the slim fit cut and New York designer Chai has assured they have the necessary quality to receive his seal of approval. The CR7 range of underwear is a little more outlandish with some bold color choices, including pinks and yellows, but they still seem to be a hit in many parts of the world.

However, by far the most interesting aspect of Ronaldo’s fashion brand is the way he’s managed to leverage his football persona to create a thriving enterprise. While the quality is certainly there, it’s fair to say his ability to appeal many different demographics and receive exposure across a variety of mediums is the real keys to the success of CR7.

It’s certainly a rare sight to see a sports personality’s clothing range hit the mainstream, but it’s something Ronaldo appears to have done and for that, at least, he should be applauded.

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