Hollywood’s 10 Most Promising Young Actors

In recent years, there has begun to be a clear emergence of the next generation of Hollywood stars. Sure, the A-listers we all know and love are still churning out incredible material, but there’s a fairly large crop of young actors who are starting to impress. So just for fun, here’s a look at or picks for Hollywood’s 10 most promising young actors.

1. Jennifer Lawrence


No one else belongs at the top of this list. Lawrence has already won an Oscar for Best Actress, and she only just turned 23.

2. Chris Hemsworth














Hemsworth just proved he’s more than a Hollywood hunk with an outstanding performance in “Rush,” and looks like a true movie star in the making.

3. Joseph Gordon-Levitt


JGL is wildly popular, to the point that he’s risking the kind of overexposure that cooled everyone off on James Franco a few years back – but he’s a very talented actor, and with “Don Jon” just displayed some writing and directing chops as well.

4. Shailene Woodley


Woodley exploded onto the scene with the 2012 hit “The Descendants,” and more recently starred in “The Spectacular Now.” She’s off to a red hot start in what looks like a promising career.

5. Dane DeHaan

This young actor (who incidentally is a bit of a young Leo DiCaprio lookalike) is suddenly everywhere. From “Lawless” to a minor role in “Lincoln,” to the strange Metallica thriller/concert film “Through The Never,” and even into an upcoming role as Harry Osbourne in Marvel‘s “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” DeHaan is making himself known. He’s currently in theaters alongside Daniel Radcliffe in the already much-acclaimed “Kill Your Darlings.”

6. Michael B. Jordan


Not enough people saw “Fruitvale Station” earlier this year. See it, and you’ll be convinced Jordan can be a star.

7. Abigail Breslin

She’s charmed us since “Little Miss Sunshine,” and as the youngest on this list – and an absolutely outstanding child actress – she’s going places.

8. Justin Timberlake

JT is being criticized some for a relatively stale role in the disappointing film “Runner Runner,” in which he plays a savvy online gambler. You know the idea: the college genius who spends his free time racking up spare cash on Betfair’s Bingo site. Everything from bingo and jackpots to live poker tournaments, it’s a great way to earn some spare cash in a secure online environment. But in JT’s case, things go sour on a fictional online casino, leading to a dangerous set of circumstances. The role lacked originality, but JT himself was enjoyable, and truth be told the man can act.

9. Daniel Radcliffe

Radcliffe stars in the aforementioned “Kill Your Darlings,” and as he sheds the image of Harry Potter, he’s becoming a fine young actor.

10. Taylor Kitsch


Known as Tim Riggins on the television version of “Friday Night Lights,” Kitsch has since chosen a few unfortunate roles. But he’s incredible likable on screen, and the right role could easily catapult him.

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