Hiromi Asai Fall Winter 2016 @kimonohiro #NYFW #fashionweek

Hiromi Asai is a United States-based fashion designer. Along with the leading group of Kimono artisans in Kyoto, Japan known as Kimono Artisan Kyoto, Hiromi creatively designs exclusive, one-of-a-kind Kimonos for her customers and clients.

The Kimono was originally a Japanese garment with many unique features: form, motif, design, fabrics, and accessories. It has a long history — more than 1,000 years — in Japan, yet in its native country the art of kimono creation is on the verge of crisis. Reduction of the kimono market, aging of artisans, and lack of their successors are slowly fading the once vibrant art. Hiromi hopes to reverse the trend and bring kimono dressing to its rightful forefront in fashion.

Hiromi Asai believes the Kimono is universally recognized formal wear beyond cultural and ethnic boundaries and provides her clients outfits of the highest quality, all manufactured by hand. People who see the Hiromi Asai collection will revisit the “old World” ceremony of the Kimono and rediscover its modern dress and multiple variations.

Jonn Nubian

Editor-in-Chief -YRB Magazine Internationally known, Nationally recognized, Locally respected.

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