Healthcare Providers: How to Improve the Patient Experience

There’s been a big shift in the role of healthcare providers in recent years. Traditionally, providers were solely result-oriented. But that’s beginning to change. While the end result may be the most important factor, the overall journey is also key. There’s a greater emphasis on the overall patient experience than there was in days gone by. And this is a shift that healthcare providers should embrace. After all, competition for patients is fierce, and it’s the dentists, opticians, and clinics that invest in their patient experience that will come out on top.


In this blog, we’ll look at a few key areas that healthcare providers can focus on.

Invest in Administration


Your patients will be fundamentally interested in the treatments you can provide. But a lot has to happen between your patient wanting to see a professional and actually doing so. They’ll need to make an appointment, get to your clinic, and check in. This process should never be frustrating for a patient, yet it frequently is. By investing in your administration, you can ensure that key stepping stones, such as getting through to make an appointment and check in, are as smooth and straightforward as possible.


Quality Staff


You can’t expect to get outstanding results with low-quality staff. Ultimately, healthcare providers are judged by the quality of their professionals. Do your team of employees take the time to listen to their patients? Do they have a caring attitude? Are they well-trained and capable of creating effective treatment plans? All the answers to these questions should be ‘yes.’ If you believe that you currently fall short on this front, then look at investing in your team’s training or improving your hiring process to attract better-quality candidates.


Handling the Pain Points 


If a healthcare clinic is set up correctly, then the patient experience should be smooth from beginning to end. That won’t happen all on its own. The secret to creating a patient experience is to proactively address issues that may compromise that experience. If you take a look at your operations, you may find that there are a few recurring pain points that need addressing. For example, do your patients have difficulty making payments? Do they frequently miss appointments? In these cases, working with a company that provides healthcare merchant services and sending out more than one appointment reminder message will help to address the issue. Ultimately, there’s a solution for everything, but you need to know what the problem is first.


Serving the Community 


Finally, one of the most effective yet overlooked ways to enhance the patient experience is to focus on the community’s specific needs. There may be specific conditions that your community has to deal with. This will largely come down to demographics. For example, if you operate in an area that has a lot of young families, then you’ll know that you should focus more on issues that affect young children. Also, be mindful of the general schedule of your community, you may find that late openings make the most sense — and your patients will appreciate it.


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