Google Pixel 3

The phone comes in two variants – a Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

  • The former has a 5.5-inch OLED screen, while the latter has an even bigger 6.3-inch display.

Available in “Just Black”, “Clearly White” and “Not Pink” colour options.

  • Unlimited storage for all of your photos and videos
  • With Pixel 3, you can save all your favorite moments with free, unlimited photo and video storage in original resolution*. It’s hassle-free, you don’t have to think about back-ups. Come back to Google Photos later and search for the beach photos you took on your Pixel 3, and they’ll pop right up.
  • Your AI-powered sidekick
  • AI in Pixel 3 enables new features that make your day-to-day actions simpler and easier.
  • If you want to know more about something you’re looking at, use Google Lens, built right into the Pixel 3 camera. To scan and translate text, find similar styles of clothing, or identify popular plants and animals, you can now long press in the Pixel 3 camera to easily open Lens. When you point your camera at information you want to remember or don’t feel like typing in—like a URL or QR code on a flyer or an email address on a business card—Google Lens suggests what to do next, like creating a new contact.
  • The handset runs on Google’s latest mobile software, Android 9.0.


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