Wild: The Legendary Horses of Sable Island by Drew Doggett

From award-winning photographer Drew Doggett comes his long-awaited, fine art coffee table book Wild: The Legendary Horses of Sable Island. This large-format, hardcover work of art in book form is an ode to the untamed horses living on Sable Island, a remote stretch of land nestled in the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean off […]

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The Secrets of Art by Debra N. Mancoff

A book full of surprises, discoveries, forgotten treasures and lost tales, The Secrets of Art takes us on a journey through the art world’s mysteries to reveal that works of art are not always what they seem. A long-lost medieval masterpiece unearthed in the Tower of London. A secret message that only an elite few can read […]

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The Undiscovered Box by NOVICA

The seasonal, quarterly box lets you travel to a new nation by experiencing its hidden gems, and preserves disappearing arts in nations around the world by showcasing hidden craft skills passed down through generations. All handmade Bali treasures inside make for elegant and exotic handcrafted gifts and wearables to inspire and transport you and your loved […]

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Billion Dollar Art Gallery

The perfect gift idea for the person who has everything, the BillionDollarArtGallery is an ingenious way to put your tv to work showcasing an extensive collection of over 500 paintings that span the ages and the imagination. Featuring the world’s most famous and influential pieces in ultra high definition, now you can experience the fine […]

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