LinearFlux HyperSonic™ 360 Headphones

LinearFlux, the mobile accessories company responsible for revolutionary, game changing products, introduces the HyperSonic™ 360 – the world’s only 10-in-1 Magnetic, Hyper Definition, True Wireless Headphone System .

The breakthrough innovation is the seamless, earbud case design that ‘magnetically snaps’ to the back of your smartphone. With an exquisite soft-touch finish, it’s loaded with convenient, practical and lifestyle features. From its vibrant digital display to its 29 Watt-hour energy reserve with full MagSafe compatibility and magnetic wireless charging – the HyperSonic 360 can hypercharge a smartphone from 0 to 50% in as little as 25 minutes.

Inspired by the design of the limited-edition Ferrari Monza, the HyperSonic earbuds stow away discretely in their own self-enclosed canopy. A 5-minute recharge of the earbuds provides up to one hour of playtime. With its advanced magnetics, a smartphone and HyperSonic 360 can be mounted together onto any magnetic car or desk mount. The included HyperMag™ magnetic cable allows ‘fumble-free’ simultaneous recharging of the HyperSonic 360 and smartphone. With Qi-wireless compatibility, iPX6 sweat and water-resistant protection, and an industry-leading 360+ hours of playtime, the HyperSonic 360 headphone system adapts to any lifestyle.

A Complete Sound Solution That Supports Your Active Lifestyle
The HyperSonic 360 is designed to seamlessly adapt to  active lifestyles, as the ultimate “go-anywhere,” device users can rely on for the most demanding tasks. Connecting with friends and loved ones has never been easier. The headphones internal microphone with beam-forming algorithms helps improve and strengthen voice clarity when making calls using one or both earbuds. LinearFlux’ s 360 advanced Bluetooth technology eliminates call and music dropouts. Volume, track control, or summoning your favorite smart assistant, including Siri, Google, and Alexa, is just a finger touch away.


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