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The Canvas by Victrola

The first “create-your-own” all-in-one record player, placing just as much emphasis on the look and feel of the listening experience as the sound quality.

Out of the box, Canvas begs to be painted, drawn on, patched up, and stickered to match the listener’s love for their new or expanded vinyl collection. Need some help getting started?

Victrola includes a 50-pack of 80s retro stickers to help inspire creativity and make Canvas your own.


MAKE IT YOUR CANVAS: No Canvas looks like the other as users stylize the record player with their own designs, whether it’s writing, drawing, painting, or stickering. This device includes a pack of 50 colorful retro stickers to personalize your suitcase record player, water bottles, notebooks, phone—the options are endless.

IMPROVED AUDIO CLARITY: With the premium Victrola ceramic stylus and built-in stereo speakers, listeners will enjoy an improved bass response and audio clarity as they make lifelong memories through music.

BLUETOOTH ENABLED: Streaming your favorite tunes from a phone, tablet or PC has never been easier as The Canvas features built-in Bluetooth and custom-tuned stereo speakers. Users can also play records by connecting to an external Bluetooth speaker or traditional stereo system. Whether it’s a solo or group listening session, easily plug into other accessories via a 3.5mm or RCA output jacks.

3 SPEED: The Canvas leaves no record unplayable with its 3-speed turntable for 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records.


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