SUSPIRO by Alexia Bontempo

Brazilian-American songstress Alexia Bomtempo captivates with her intoxicating blend of acoustic bossa nova and jazz-laced rhythms on her new album SUSPIRO was released earlier this year on Ropeadope.

Now available on vinyl for the holidays, the stunning 12-track collection celebrates Bomtempo’s love for timeless Brazilian and American songbook classics alongside more contemporary Brazilian songwriters and unique originals that will take listeners on a hypnotic musical journey to Rio de Janeiro and back.


1. I’m In Love Again – Peggy Lee / Cy Coleman / Bill Schluger

2. Grão – Alberto Continentino / Fernando Temporão

3. Even Now – Edu Lobo / Paula Stone

4. Suspiro – Domenico Lancellotti / Bruno di Lullo

5. Eles Querem Amar – Jorge Ben

6. Mais Devagar – Alexia Bomtempo / Jake Owen

7. Namida No Kawa – Alexia Bomtempo / Jake Owen

8. Serpente – Domenico Lancellotti / Bruno Di Lullo

9. Fim de Sonho – João Donato / João Carlos Pádua

10. Les Chansons d’Amour (feat. Stéphane San Juan) – Alberto Continentino / Stéphane San Juan

11. Evergreen – Alexia Bomtempo / Jake Owen

12. Floating Away – Alexia Bomtempo / Jake Owen / Michael Ramos

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