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HRTND Scarves

HRTND (Heartened) an online boutique that specializes in. enhancing one’s mien is launching a line of unique scarves and accessories targeted for the free-spirited client and fashionista.

Featuring distinctive art and print scarves as well as custom-made jackets, hoodies, and sweaters the line takes a refreshing look at outerwear.

Owner/Founder and designer Jeff Anderson has brought together a series
of unusual prints that are featured in these one of a kind polyviscose

Each scarf has a signature feel taking certain raw components from our World and bringing a new, beautiful life to a piece that expresses confidence and pride that can be worn casually or formally. The jackets, hoodies, and sweaters are custom designed from recycled pieces each with its own intriguing spirit.


15% of all profits go towards HFC, Alzheimer’s Research, and Demand Progress.

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