HEX Adventure Armenia 30L Backpack

Adventure Armenia is a capsule of bags developed as a collaborative project including Harry Kazazian, (Owner and CEO of Exxel Outdoors LLC), Serj Tankian (renowned artist, composer, activist, and lead singer of System Of A Down), and Sako Shahinian (Creative Director for Exxel Outdoors LLC).

This talented group enlisted HEX to work with the team to bring this collection to life.
The purpose of the capsule is to “shine a light” on the beauty of Armenia and support the local economy through Eco-tourism not only to the cities but also in the smaller villages and countryside. They have selected the non-profit organization, Hike Armenia to receive proceeds from this project.

The organization believes Armenia can become a premier hiking destination by developing hiking infrastructure and sharing the awesomeness that is Armenia with the world.


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