Futuristic Shooter “Crysis 3” Hitting Shelves Early Next Year

EA and Crytek have officially announced the release of Crysis 3, the latest installment in the visually-stunning, award-winning first person shooter series. While the original game took place on a tropical island and its sequel was set in New York City, Crysis 3 aims to blend the two. According to Kotaku, the evil Cell Corporation has turned New York into an artificial dome full of swamps and rainforests, leaving you to fend for yourself amongst destroyed buildings and towering trees. Some of you might be excited to dive back into the intense combat and breathtaking graphics the series is known for, while others might just be happy to see some greenery in NYC. Either way, Crysis 3 should hit stores early next year for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC.

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