From the Print Magazine Ricky Hill @rickyhill #syldd #hiphop @music

You can say what you want, but one thing is for sure Ricky Hil has talent.


With what may have been a surprise to some last year with his release SYLDD (Support Your Local Drug Dealer), the out spoken rapper defied the critics and gained an even bigger legion of followers.



The son a fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger collaborated with the likes of The Weeknd, and Leona Lewis on what he calls his most personal offering to music thus far. With tales of drug use, suicidal attempts, and the perils of love, Ricky Hil is pure, honest, and quite poetic.




rickyhill2 Not wanting to mince words in any way, we asked the somewhat reclusive artist to answer the following questions in his own words and on his own terms.

Story by Darius Baptist // Photo by Odessy Barbu

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