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Over the past ten years, a lot has changed. Barack Obama has been elected the President of the United States, twice. In New York City, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been elected the Mayor, thrice. Skyrocketing prices are everywhere… However, over the past ten years, one thing has remained consistent, and it’s in the New York City nightlife – the weekly FREEDOM Dance Party.


Last week, against humid temperatures and summer rain, the weekly party celebrated ten years of success with a special live performance at Central Park Summerstage’s Rumsey Playfield. With a crowd of loyal followers, nearly 2,000 in attendance, the FREEDOM Party including: DJ’s Marc Smooth, Cosi and Herbert Holler, along with quiet yet powerful partner Stone Jackson; brought their party to one of New York City’s best FREE stages. The FREEDOM Party grew from a small restaurant/lounge party in L.E.S. (before the high priced condos) to a large, live music/dance venue in Le Poisson Rouge. It’s provided New Yorkers a Friday outlet to express themselves on the dance floor with reckless abandon through retro 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and yes even 90’s dance music; not EDM, but good ole dance music.

The crowd swayed and excitedly responded to the classic jams played by DJ’s Herbert Holler and Cosi. They got the 28-55 year old crowd psyched for a special live performance by legendary funk/rock band Cameo, a.k.a. superheroes; as my precious three year old called them. This marked the band’s long-awaited return to a New York City stage after a fifteen year hiatus. In the rain, we sang along and danced to their classics including “Attack Me (with your love)”, “Single Life” as well as they’re most commercial track, “Candy”.

The FREEDOM Party closed out the night with more classics raging loud through the rain. FREEDOM is more than a party, it’s escapism from everyday life and responsibilities. In over the past 10 years a lot has changed for this writer – starting my own business, getting married, becoming a mother – as well for the members of the FREEDOM Party – most of whom are also married with children, now. As we matured into adulthood it felt good to always have a place to reminisce, and sometimes, just dance.

Thank you FREEDOM party for giving us that opportunity for the past 10 years and many years to come.


– Kim Wilson Marshall

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