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Four Tips for Adding Polish to Your YouTube Channel

Do you currently run a YouTube channel, but your subscriber count is going at a snail’s pace? Well, being a success on YouTube is certainly not easy to achieve. Alongside having to produce quality content that somehow stands out from all the other stuff on the video platform, you have to try and upload this content on a regular schedule.

Plus that’s just the start of things.

That is right – there are many, many things to take into consideration when it comes to bearing fruit on YouTube. Sadly, we cannot cover all of these points in this article. However, read on for four useful tips for adding polish to your YouTube channel, and give it a greater chance to grow at a fast rate.

1. Use professional equipment

The camera on your smartphone is probably good enough to capture video, but that is only the start. You also have to ponder audio equipment – a good, solid mic like the Blue Yeti is highly recommended – lighting, video editing software and more. Take your time to research the equipment side of things, decide what you need for your YouTube channel, and go from there.

2. Don’t fill your videos with fluff

A video that has little in the way of content, but is padded out with fluff to bolster its runtime is not going to be endearing to viewers. In fact, it will often get people down voting your video and leaving a few seconds in – neither of which are good when trying to appease to the YouTube algorithm. As a result, stick to only producing high-quality content that doesn’t resort to needing unnecessary filler.

3. Create an intro

Having an introduction to your video is a great way to point out to new viewers what your YouTube channel is all about. That is, assuming you develop a worthwhile intro.

By worthwhile, this is on the same train of thought as the previous point – try and avoid using filler. An intro should only be about 5-10 seconds max. With that limited time, try and use catchy music, slice in some relevant clips/pictures and specifically state your YouTube channel name. For help with this, you can use a YouTube intro maker free of charge.

4. It is not just about video content

Yes, you might be using YouTube as a way of uploading your video content. Yet this is only one step in the whole content process – that is, if you want to have successful channel. That’s because you need written content as a way of complimenting your video content.

As for what written content is needed, an attention-grabbing and factual headline is a must. You could have the best video in the world about travelling to Rome for instance, but if the title is simply ‘Rome Travel Guide’ it is unlikely to gain traction. Instead, go with something like ‘Rome: 10 Reasons Why You MUST Visit This Historic City!’

Along with the title, also place a focus on writing a detailed description, include keywords and put useful annotations on your videos.

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