#FlipsAudio Keep You & The Party Jumping

There are headphones and then there are “headphones”. The distinction is similar to the way kicks are considered more that mere tennis shoes. Headphones are now high-end accessories and gadgets you wear to represent your personality rather than just use.

This has lead to a crowded field, with Beats by Dre a recognized leader. However, Flips Audio is coming to the market with a plan: create a personal use headphone that doubles as speakers when in a group setting.

Mission Accomplished.


Flips_Black_Closed_Len_pkg (1)SOUND: Like its main competitors Flips is bass heavy.  Flips is the brand if you like the low-end rumbling while you jog or bus ride or sit at your desk.

The mids and highs suffer to satisfy the built-in EQ choices but the cans were made for listening not mixing.


COMFORT: Flips keep the outside world outside. Ambient noise is reduced to not interrupt your groove which allows for an all-consuming audio experience.

The ear cushions are comfortable but will become hot — your ears and head will sweat rocking the Flips.


SPEAKER SETTING: Wonderful. Loud. Booming. The accolades are plenty when the Flips are charged via (USB) and ready to pump out some hits.

The sound quality and bass reference when in speaker mode out performed the headphone state. And, the novelty of the speaker state does not wane.



flips-audio-headphones-and-speakers-in-one-d-00010101000000~281005_alt1THE FLIPS WORK.

The dual states are impressive, especially the speaker mode. The price point is good and the small “heating of the ear” problem is forgotten when the music in your ears is not competing with the noises of the city.



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