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Finding The Next Rung On The Property Ladder

If you’re able to manage it well then, at some point, buying property becomes less about finding the perfect home for yourself, but about the momentum that it offers to your continually improving lifestyle. However, while you might be making better money and finding yourself with new housing needs, you might not know how to make the right moves up the property ladder. Here are a few tips that might be able to help.

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Reconsider your needs and wants

Your lifestyle is likely to have changed since the last time you bought a property. Even if your family is roughly the same size and you have the same sort of working life, you might have improved your home-buying budget to the point that you’re able to afford your “wants,” and not just your “needs.” To that end, look at some of the popular selling points of luxury homes to make sure that you’re able to better find the home that you really want.


Know the right places to look

If you’re moving up the career ladder, then you’re not likely to be looking for homes in the same places that you found them last time. Instead, start taking a look at things like luxury property listings and see if you can get on exclusive mailing lists for investment properties in certain areas. There are estate agents who are better suited to clientele buying in high-end markets as well so look out for them.

Don’t get suckered by higher-end homes

Finding the kind of property that you want is one thing, but making sure that you’re not paying more than you should is vital. Homesellers and agents can be ruthless at times. If they suspect you’re in a market you’re not familiar with, they might try and get you closer to the asking price than you really need to go. Get a fair price on real estate property by considering the market conditions affecting the sale and look at the kind of deals made on comparable, recently sold property. If the home doesn’t have many viewers, then the seller shouldn’t expect to sell it near the asking price, for instance.


Always be prepared for the step after

It’s a property ladder, meaning you should always be ready to climb up the next rung. What does that mean, however? It might mean making sure you’re not financially tied to your property too tightly. For instance, you can gain some financial freedom more quickly by overpaying your mortgage. This can allow you to then free the equity and take a better loan that allows you to move to the next property. Of course, you shouldn’t pay more than you could afford to. If you’re impacting your savings or lifestyle, then you need to slow things down and look at improving your earnings, first.


Every step up that property ladder matters. Buy the wrong home that you have to sell too quickly or pay too much and you can end up having to rush before appreciation can really help you profit for the next step.

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