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FEATURE: Kat Graham

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But when asked about being a fan of other vampire stories, she admits, “I’m a Breaking Bad fan. That’s my favorite show. I am a fan of my own show because I see how much goes into it and I love the writers. I just love the way everyone’s style is so different as writers. But I don’t put my fangs in at night and sit in front [of the TV] and watch Rob Pattinson; I just don’t do it.”

SP 7 - FEATURE: Kat Graham


With the award-winning Vampire Diaries now in its third season, Graham unveils that audiences will be able to look forward to seeing how her character is going to keep Elena Gilbert (played by Nina Dobrev) protected from Klaus, as well as how Bonnie deals with her boyfriend, Jeremy, being able to see his dead ex-girlfriends. While all this is happening to fictional small town girl Bonnie, the actress reminds everyone that their looks are pretty much the only thing Kat Graham – with her real life edgy, fashion-forward style – and her hippie character have in common.


“I think that in the beginning, the image of Bonnie was so put out into the world and people were still getting to know who I was that, when people would talk to me, I thought they were talking to Bonnie,” she recalls. “Even on set people would be calling me Bonnie instead of my name…but now I think people are obviously very aware that I’m nothing like the character. But I really do try to put myself in her in terms of the fight and that drive and that compassion for people and the humility that she has. I never wanna lose that, so even if I am playing a 17-year-old in a small town, I still wanna be able to relate to that because most of the country is that.”


While most of the country might not relate to all of the trendy, glitzy, embellished clothing that the fashionista is often photographed wearing, Graham is aware of her attempts to make a statement through fashion – even if she’s the only one who gets it. “I get what I’m trying to do here; you guys can just catch up later,” she says laughing. Known for nicknaming her personal style as “’90s couture,” Graham doesn’t mind taking a risk for the sake of fashion, even in what can be a stiff Hollywood world that’s being judged by the harsh words of Joan Rivers.


“That’s all I have most of the time is fashion to portray my personality. I mean, how else if people don’t talk to me would they know where my mind is? Perez Hilton, one of my best friends, said to me, ‘You know what’s so interesting? The real fashion is the fashion that can make you feel something by looking at it, like take your breath away or completely inspire you.’ And from that point on, I always looked at everything I wore as, like, how does this make me feel? What kind of energy does this give out? ‘Cause every single article of clothing put together can make you feel something… A lot of the stuff I wear is military-esque in my normal day to day stuff because I’m all about strength and female empowerment and being the boss of your own life.”


With military styles not being the most appropriate dress for Hollywood’s many red carpet affairs, Graham says given a choice, she would opt for Indian fashion designer Manish Arora and his archived, structural pieces. “I’m not into the simplicity of fashion… I like to see the creation part of it. Art on the carpet – I like to see that. I read magazines and see where they have the worst dressed, and most of the time it’s the people that actually take chances and do something different. And then the best dressed are people wearing such boring pieces, and I’m just like, that’s not inspiring the world.”

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