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Lucas Yancey is an Actor most known for his Comedic Films, TV Shows, Reality TV and Commercials. He recently was on Season 13 of The Bachelorette, which you may know him as “The WhaBoom Guy.” YRB sat down with Lucas on his visit to New York City at the Liberty Fairs tradeshow to discuss fashion and life beyond reality television.

YRB: Tell us about the last season of The Bachelorette and what that experience was like.


Lucas Yancey: It was a quite a roller coaster. It was an insane experience being on the show. Then after the show it became a whirlwind of realizing that people either love you or hate you regardless of what you do.


YRB: Were you the WhaBoom Guy before the show?

Lucas Yancey: Yes. I’ve been doing it for awhile. It’s part of my character and  of my life. I already had it trademarked and the shirts before the show.

YRB: Tell us about the Jimmy Fallon publicity.


Lucas Yancey: Jimmy Fallon was saying “Whaboom!” every week! The Roots did a skit in which Black Thought (Tariq Trotter) even wore the t-shirt . It was a lot of double organic exposure.


Unfortunately, ABC vetoed my appearance since it’s a different network. We are still trying to figure that out. I also appeared on Jimmy Kimmel and Good Morning America.

In regards to shirts, we donated all the proceeds from the sales to Robert Paylor Fund, who was injured and paralyzed in a rugby match at my alma mater UC Berkeley.


I want people to understand  that it wasn’t about take take take. You have to give back. My whole point is that Whaboom is the tip of the iceberg for Lucas Yancey.

YRB:  Tell us what has happened since the season of The Bachelorette wrapped up.

Lucas Yancey: The show eats you and spits you out. I said some aggressive things in some recent interviews, particularly Page Six.


The show doesn’t care about your wellbeing and they do not realize that can ruin someone’s life. By showing a certain clip of them doing something, saying they are racist, or a slut. A lot of these women are in therapy or bulimic and people don’t know that.

YRB: Would you do it again?

Lucas Yancey: Looking back you could say I was the worse actor on that show. I wasn’t there to play games and sell T-shirts and promote. I was there to be an entertainer.

Once you realize that and you’re on the show and living it,. It’s hits you really hard like a dagger in your chest. People start saying good and bad things about you.

There are all these trolls who want to bring you down. It was the toughest year of my life.  I know now the real meaning of “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes your stronger.” It’s intense.

I think the people who succeed in this business are the one who can take the heat, bounce back and keep going.

YRB: What’s next for you?


Lucas Yancey: I have been working in real estate since college and have several properties in Los Angeles. I’m working on a new comedy pilot called “The Sickest Guy in L.A.”  Stay Tuned!


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